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Welcome to St Peter Community Child Care Center! SP3C is a non profit organization. We believe in community participation and that every child learns and grows at their own pace. Our classrooms provide each child with an opportunity to learn and grow. 


SP3C is licensed by the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services. 

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 5:30am-6pm


 License capacity 119 children:

10 Infants ages 6 weeks – 18 months

28 Toddlers ages 18 months – 36 months 

56 Preschoolers ages 36 months – first day of kindergarten

25 School Age children entering Kindergarten - 12 years of age



Philosophy Statement:

We believe that each child is special and holds the future in their hands. St. Peter Community Child Care Center offers a quality child care program for infants, toddlers preschool and school age children that facilitates and nurtures the individual needs and abilities of each and every child. 



SP3C strives to meet these goals for each child:


  1. Offer a curriculum which encourages social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.

  2. Teach children how to relate to others, to value friendship, and respect all people.

  3. Provide a safe, comfortable environment for these early learning and growth processes.

  4. Help each child learn to develop self-discipline and independence and to deal with his/her emotions in an appropriate manner.

  5. Provide a well-balanced schedule of activity and quiet times.

  6. Provide nutritious snacks and lunches that contribute to the growth and development of a happy, healthy individual.


The St. Peter Community Childcare Center does not discriminate against families based on race, color, creed, sexual orientation or religious views.  St. Peter Community Childcare Center was established and is operated for the purpose of meeting the child care needs of the community.


St. Peter Community Childcare Center does not have a denominational or political affiliation.

Center Location
Enter door C off of 5th St
600 South 5th Street, Suite 125
(507) 934-3606

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